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April 2017, ~12 hours

Product Design Visual Design Passion Project


Sometimes, the gems are buried in the sand

The internet is full of new information - but there are also this classic, high-quality blogs that were published years ago (like this one: 52 Weeks of UX).

Old blogs are buried

High-quality old blogs are often buried in the news feed. How can I solve this problem?

If you buy a book, you are probably goign to finish it. However, if bookmark a website, chances are, you will forget about it in a week. Self-motivating is hard. How can I help people read previously published but high quality blogs?

Product Preview

App overview


Use user research to guide the product direction

I talked to a few people who are avid blog readers about this idea as a "speed-dating exercise". I immediately got confirmation that they would want to use this service. Upon more probing, I found that they have the following needs specifically.

Final Design Preview

User research helped determine my product vision.


Find a common ground in user goals and business goals

The vision I have for Replay is to help people build professional skills through reading previously published but high-quality blog posts. Users and the product have different goals, but I believe it's possible to find a common ground.

User goals and business goals

Achieving a balance and finding a common ground in user and business goals.


Learning from other apps

I looked at 4 types of apps: blog platforms, education, and RSS feed and reading apps.

Competitive Analysis

I used competitive analysis to learn about the landscape and learn from other apps' strategies.



Prioritizing the features based on user research

Based on user research and competitive analysis, I decided to include the following features that provide the most value to users in the MVP:

Replay screen design

High-fidelity app design overview


Use strategies to help users maximize their learning

There are two different ways to measure whether users are maximizing their learning experience in Replay: 1. Number of articles read intentionally; 2. Number of blogs sites that they finish reading. I used the following strategies to achieve these goals.

Motivational design

Be mindful of human factors

This is a detail that I paid attention to during user testing. The original filter design allows more space to show blog titles, but when user wants to exit out of it, it's really hard to reach the "X" icon. In the next iteration, I reduced the height of the filter overlay to about half of the screen to make the experience more "human finger friendly".

human factors

Creating an awesome reading experience through visual design

I decided to use Helvetica for all the typography in this app, because I want a typeface that everyone finds familiar and has great legibility. I also used different font weights, colors, and sizes to create a clear information hierarchy.

reading experience


This is an idea that I've always felt passionate about and I gave myself about 12 hours to work on. I had fun during the process. Three main lessons I learned from this project are: