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Privacy Policy Manager

I designed the UI and interaction for privacy settings in a security-enhanced environment. This project is a collaboration between CMU and DARPA.

Interaction Design Mobile Privacy Information Architecture

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This is a passion project I worked on to test out a product idea. It helps young adults build professional skills through reading previously published but high-quality blogs.

Product Design Visual Design Passion Project

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Design My Semester

I designed a website that helps students to select courses through informed decision making and connection building. It turns course selection into a valuable learning experience.

Research UI/UX Visual Design

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I redesigned and coded CrowdVerify, a crowdsourcing research project on extracting important statements from Terms & Conditions.

Branding Front-End Dev UX/UI Design

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Collaborating with data scientists, I designed and coded (front-end) this interactive data visualization site: Pathways, a site that lets college students explore the relationship between college degrees and career paths.

Data Visualization Front-End Dev UX/UI Design

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Other Works and Experience

A showcase of some other products I worked on and shipped (pre-CMU).

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